Consulting Services

Vision Global Solutions has provided consultancy services to many
different organisations, on various issues, including:

  • Industrial Relations
  • Organisational and Business Reviews
  • Leadership
  • Recruitment
  • Business Improvement
  • Innovation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Merger Readiness
  • Post Merger Harmonisation 



Training, Seminars and Masterclasses

Vision regularly run Public Seminars, Masterclasses and In-House Training on Human Resources Management and Leadership issues throughout Australia, USA, UK, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Philippines, Sri Lanka, China, New Zealand, Tanzania and Pakistan.

Our most popular programs include:

Emahince Your Leadership DNA - Working with current and emerging Leaders this breakthrough training identifies each participants Leadership DNA and how to strengthen their own leadership style.  

Know Your Strengths - This highly interactive training identifies each participants workplace strengths and how they can work with others more effectively. Great Team Building program. 

Inspiring Innovation – Innovation is the Key to Business Success - We outline Case Studies of Business Innovation Success and what methodologies those organisations used to reach new levels of success.

Hiring The Best – Talent Acquisition, Behavioural and Values Interviewing and Candidate Assessment.

For information when we are next running a Seminar or Masterclass near you, please email Pauline Roberts pauline.roberts@visionhr.com.au or ring Pauline on (02) 9659 2602 (internationally on +61 2 9659 2602)

Events Calendar 2018 

Board Effectiveness and Governance for Not for Profit Organisations - To be Scheduled

NFP Leadership Conference - Making Mergers Work-  To be Scheduled

Hiring the Best Programs - To be Scheduled

HR Thought Leaders Conference - To be Scheduled

Local Government Innovation Study Tour - USA - 22 September to 7 October - Commencing with ICMA 104 in Baltimore Maryland

Human Resources Innovation Study Tour - 13 -30 October 2018 - Commencing in Dallas Fort Worth Texas  

Social Impact Conference and Expo (SICONX) - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - November 2018