LG Global Innovation  

Vision Global Solutions has recently formed a totally dedicated Local Government Consultancy operating in Australia, New Zealand and US, "LG Global Innovation"

Services include:

Several of our consultants have held Senior Management roles within Local Government.

LG Global was a major sponsor of the Local Government Strategic Alliancing Showcase held on the Gold Coast in 2013.

Our General Manager, Ron Palmer also spoke at the 100th Annual Conference of the ICMA (International Cities and Municipalities Association) held in North Carolina in 2014. This is the largest Local Government Conference in the world and attracted more than 2000 delegates.

In October 2017,  Ron will be leading a delegation of Australian Local Government Executives to attend ICMA 103 and then embark on a Business Study Tour of US Local Governments. To register your interest in attending please contact Ron directly on (02) 9659 2602 or ron.palmer@visionhr.com.au