Business, Leadership and Innovation Study Tours

Vision Global Solutions organises tours of businesses, and other organisations, both Australian, and International, that exhibit outstanding practice in the way that they conduct their business activities. Formal training can only go so far in developing Leadership. Our tours take Leadership Development one step further by providing valuable experiences which Leaders can take back to the organisation and add value.

Local  Government Innovation Study Tour - USA  22 September to 7 October 2018

Our next Local Government Best Practice Tour will be visiting several leading edge US Councils and links in with the 104th International City Managers Association (ICMA) Annual Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland. This tour will represent a once in a lifetime learning opportunity for Local Government Professionals.     

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Human Resources Business Study Tour - USA 16-31 October 2018 Theme  - "HR and Innovation"

Our next Human Resources Best Practice Tour will be in October 2018 visiting several People Management Leaders, and Award Winning Employers, in USA and linking in with the major Strategic HRM Conference, a 3 Day Conference being held in alliance with the American Society of Human Resources Managers held in Dallas-Fort Worth in mid-October. This is one learning tour that HR Professionals should closely consider.     

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Ron Palmer ron.palmer@visionhr.com.au  (02) 9659 2602 + 61 2 9659 2602